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Firstly be aware that what we offer has been the result of working with a UK CSN Vendor. We are not connected to or contracted by CSN Stores. We do however work closely with them.


CSN Stores have issued a document referred to as a DISR (Document Interchange Setup Request). This sets out a private EDI scheme based on FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and uses the EDI document standards issued by the United Nations. These are known as the EDIFACTS standards.


The DISR from CSN Stores defines one type of  outbound (from them) EDI Document (ORDERS) and four inbound (to them) namely  INVRPT(Inventory), ORDRSP (Order acknolowgement),  DESADV( Despatch Advice) and  INVOIC (Invoices).


CSN Vendors are advised to move from the current email based system to the EDI system to realise the following benefits


• By sending the current inventory (stock) situation to CSN  daily you can avoid customer dissapointment through lack of stock or buying  a discontinued product.
•Orders received from CSN could  be loaded automatically on to your order processing system. Currently this applies but to Sage Accounting Products but inquire about other packages you may have.
•Electronic Order Acknolowdgements sent to CSN mean the end cutomer will know that their order has ben received. The staff at CSN can then set the customers mind at rest.
•Despatch notes will enable the staff at CSN to let the customer know when their order has shipped.
•Electronic invoices can be generated on the accounting system and transferred directly to CSN.
•EDI Consulting  has  a working CSN EDI application for Sage Accounting Packages and for CSV Import/Export  situations. 

    Call 0118 917 4436 to get all of these benefits

EDI Consulting offers EDI Package to CSN Stores Vendors

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